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Selecting SRM Bootstrap Device?

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The Question is:

We recently installed a HP storage MSA1000 on our Alpha 4100 and would like to
 boot the system from this new disk instead of from old disk (RAID).  All info.
 were successfully moved to the MSA1000 disks except the system disk.
Our current BOOT command is
BOOT DRA1. (old disk)
Our new system device on the MSA1000 is DGA1 and we copied all info. on DRA1 to
Would the command
BOOT DGA1. work?
If not, would you tell us the new BOOT command?
Many thanks,

The Answer is :

  The command is BOOT DRA1 or BOOT DGA1, with the remainder of the
  command being determined by and being entirely console specific;
  you need only reference the DRA1: or DGA1: or DKA100: or other
  such device specification, and allow the console to make its own
  determination of the remainder of the device specification.
  Should you enter the command into an environment variable rather
  than at the BOOT command, the requirement for input solely of the
  device name holds true as well.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JAN-2004 )

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