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Complex Network and LAT Connectivity?

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The Question is:

At one of our customer sites 2 ALPHA stations (1 with V6.2 and the other one
 with V7.2) are connected by switches from the customer (3com4300 to Extreme
 Sumit 5i). the Alpha's are connected to the 3com4300 that is being connected
 the the Extreme Sumit 5i;
 after this a 3com4300 is connected again, were 3 DECSERVER500 are connected
 to. (1 to V7.2 and 2 to V6.2)
Approx. 1 in 2 weeks suddenly the connection is lost for LAT-protocol from both
 the Alpha's to the Terminal servers, and a few minutes after that the
 connection is established again. The TSM software is downloaded at that time
 again automatically to the T
erminal Servers.
-Can the LAT protocol be blocked sometimes by the third party switches?
-What is the best settings for those switches with respect to 10Mb Full/half
 Duplex and Autonegotiation enabled/disabled?
-Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance and best regards.

The Answer is :

  Yes, of course, either accidently or though explicit settings, or due
  to bugs in any of the many hardware and software components involved,
  the settings depends on the controller and the switch, though most
  any supported ten Mbps network controller is half-duplex,
  You will want to acquire formal networking support assistance, as this
  problem does not appear to have been isolated to OpenVMS itself and as
  the network environment is a non-trivial mix of third-party components.
  Confirm firmware is appropriate and current, and confirm that all of the
  mandatory OpenVMS ECOs and any non-mandatory ECOs specific to networking
  or LAT have been installed.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JAN-2004 )

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