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SYS$LOGIN: and Process Context?

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The Question is:

How can I obtain the login directory (sys$login) of a remote process.

The Answer is :

  Without supporting information, the OpenVMS Wizard can only
  assume that there is probably something in the design that
  is not expected of typical OpenVMS applications.  Looking
  at logical names of other processes is not normal, nor is
  a remote and direct access to another process's contect.
  More context is required.
  It is best to contact your local Customer Support Centre
  directly.  You will need to define your use of Remote Process,
  and what privileges are permitted.  You will also need to expand
  on the application requirements, and on why this translation is
  needed, and what sort of communications (network, file data,
  SYSUAF login info, etc) are available for use between (among)
  the processes.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-FEB-2004 )

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