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Third-party Software? (Raxco)

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The Question is:

We have a new cluster (2x DS20e + OpenVMS 7.3-1 + Raid Array 7000 (ods-5))
We used PerfectDisk an UltraDisk from RAXCO on the Old system (disks ODS-2). Is
 there a known problem with UltraDisk en ODS-5. When I start Ultradisk (after a
 new installation) the system crashed every time

The Answer is :

  Please contact Raxco for information on Raxco products -- it
  is not possible for the OpenVMS Wizard to track, to maintain
  contact and status information, and to update information for
  the plethora of third-party commercial packages and Freeware
  packages available.
  As is normally requested, please apply all mandatory ECO
  kits for OpenVMS, and any other kits that appear potentially
  relevent to the reported crash or to your local environment.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JAN-2004 )

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