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DECwindows Language Variants?

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The Question is:

I loaded all licenses from Montagar and thats right.
Motif and things work Ok.
But since I install localization pack from Layered products CD, choose RUSSIAN
 at the login manager - system wan't load CDE.
What is wrong?

The Answer is :

  Without details of the OpenVMS version, the DECwindows version, and the
  Russian language (Cyrillic) support, the OpenVMS Wizard cannot be certain
  of the cause of the problem -- please confirm that the localization kit
  version is compatible with the DECwindows kit installed and the OpenVMS
  version in use, in particular, and please check the contents of the
  DECwindows server log files and such.
  The most recent version of the Cyrillic support that the OpenVMS Wizard
  is aware of is DECwindows Motif/Russkij V1.2-3, and this version is not
  known to be compatible with more current versions of OpenVMS.  (These
  local language kits have generally been retired.)
  Eastern European and Asian language kits require(d) installation onto
  the Worldwide DECwindows kit, while Western European language variants
  install(ed) onto the US DECwindows kit.  (The Worldwide DECwindows kit
  is traditionally included on the language kit medium.)
  The following are release notes from the old kits:
	Digital Equipment Corporation
	Software Support Switzerland
	A. Jaunin  Juni 1996
        Sources: DECwindows Notes #5176.1
	         DECwindows Motif 1.2-3 Lang Variants Inst. Guide
                 DECwrite Languge Variants Installation Guide
                 Different Stars Articles
	DECwindows Motif 1.2-3 Language Variants and Applications
	Pre-Requisit: OpenVMS 5.5-2
	This is an addition to the "DECwindows Motif OpenVMS UI/Language
        Variants V1.2-3 Installation Guide".
        It explains how to deal with DECwindows Language Variants (f.e. German)
	and especially with Culture Languages (f.e. Swiss German).
        It also explains how to make Culture Language Applications (f.e.
	DECwrite Swiss German) running.
	Language Variants
	There are 16 Language Variant kits for DECwindows Motif V1.2-3 for
	OpenVMS VAX and Alpha that will be shipped on the August/September
	1995 Consolidated Distribution (CONDIST).  Although all of these
	Language Variants use the OSF/Motif Release 1.2.3 toolkit, please
	note that ten of the Language Variants include Out-Of-The-Box
	applications taken from DECwindows Motif V1.2 for OpenVMS. These
	applications do not include the new features and bug fixes that
	were introduced in DECwindows Motif V1.2-3 for OpenVMS.
	The following ten Language Variants are based on the OSF/Motif
	Release 1.2.3 libraries from DECwindows Motif V1.2-3 for OpenVMS
	and the applications from DECwindows Motif V1.2 for OpenVMS.
	These Language Variants are:
                  DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Cesky
                  DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Magyar
                  DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Polski
                  DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Russkij
                  DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Slovenski
                  DECwindows Motif/Hangul for OpenVMS
                  DECwindows Motif/Hanyu for OpenVMS
                  DECwindows Motif/Hanzi for OpenVMS
                  DECwindows Motif/Japanese for OpenVMS
                  DECwindows Motif/Thai for OpenVMS
	To use one of these Language Variants the system manager does not
	need to install the DECwindows Motif V1.2-3 or V1.2 for OpenVMS
	base product.  However, the system manager must install the
	DECwindows Motif V1.2-3 Worldwide Support for OpenVMS kit.  This
	kit is not a separate product; it is part of each of the preceding
	ten Language Variant products, but is shipped in a separate
	directory in order to conserve space on the distribution media.
	The name of the kit is:
                   DWMW_VAXU3012		for VAX
                   DWMW_AXPU3012		for Alpha
	In addition to installing the Worldwide Support kit and the
	Language Variant, the system manager must load the licenses for
	the DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS base product (DW-MOTIF) and the
	Language Variant.  It is possible to install more than one language
	variant from this group on the same system.
	The remaining six Language Variants use the applications that were
	shipped with DECwindows Motif V1.2-3 for OpenVMS.  These are:
                  DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Deutsch
                  DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Espa˝ol
                  DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Franšais
                  DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Italiano
                  DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Svenska
                  DECwindows Motif/Hebrew for OpenVMS
	To use any of these Language Variants the system manager must
	first install DECwindows Motif V1.2-3 for OpenVMS and then install
	the Language Variant kit.  The system manager must also load the
	DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS license (DW-MOTIF) and the license
	for the Language Variant.
	It is possible to install more than one Language Variant from this
	group on the same system.  However, please note that it is not
	possible to install Language Variants from both the first and
	second group on the same system.
	What about Culture Variants like DE_CH (Swiss German) ?
        DECwindows Motif 1.2-3 does not include any Culture Variants as
	prior Versions did. The Problem is that if you have an application
	like DECwrite Swiss German you have to define your Language in Session
	Manager to "Swiss German" so that the DECwrite Swiss German is
	running correctly. So you have to make shure that also Culture
	Language Logicals (DECW$*DE_CH) are defined. Details later in this
	Installing Language Variant(s) and Preparing for Culture use
	To make shure having the correct logicals set also for running
        DECwindows Motif and Applications with a Culture Language set in
	System Manager follow the steps below:
        This example was verified using DECwindows Motif German
	1. You need to install the German (DE_DE) language kit
             Install DECWMDE_DEUU3012 according to Its Installation guide.
	2. You need to invoke the command procedure DECW$STARTI18N_CULTURE.COM
    	   to define the Swiss (DE_CH) logicals and to remove unused German
    	   language files from the Swiss (DE_CH) directories.
	3. Editing the System Startup File After Installation
	First start the language variant, then the Culture Variant.
	Add the example following to your system startup file SYSTARTUP_V5.COM
	$ !-----------------------------------------------------------------!
   	$ WRITE SYS$OUTPUT "Starting DECwindows Language Variant (DE_DE) ..."
    	$ !-----------------------------------------------------------------!
	$ WRITE SYS$OUTPUT "Starting DECwindows Culture Variant (DE_CH) ..."
    	$ !-----------------------------------------------------------------!
	If you intend to add these procedures to SYSMAN, make sure they are
    	executed in the right order!
 	Potential Problem with Void Menus in Session Manager/Fileview
	If a user has void pull-down menus like "Sitzung", "Anwendungen"...
	then you can find the causing *.VUE$DAT file using the following
	Rename the files containing the string "ANWENDUNGEN" and restart the
	This will solve the problem.
	Chapter 14 of the "VMS DECwindows Motif User's Guide" describes how to
	create new public profile files.
	How to let the Login Box appear with the desired Language
	The Installation Guide says to edit the file:
        SYS$STARTUP:DECW$DEFINE_LANG.COM  and define the following Logicals:
	$define/nolog/table=decw$logical_names/exec lang "de_DE"
	$define/nolog/table=decw$logical_names/exec xnl$lang "de_DE"
	Known Problem :	I think the idea was, that the DECwindows startup runs
			this procedure. What ever, I could not find the
			logicals defined after a reboot.
	   Workaround :	I then started the procedure in SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM
			and the problem accured to be that DECW$LOGICAL_NAMES
 			table was not present at the point where the logicals
			get created.
			A SUBMIT of the procedure worked around the problem. An
			other workaround would be to start it within SYSMAN
			where you can control the different phases.
	Culture Applications Like DECwrite Swiss German
	If you like to run culture applications like DECwrite Swiss German
	you have to set the language in Session Manager to "Swiss German".
	With the DECW$STARTI18N_CULTURE.COM we made shure that DECW$*DE_CH
	logical exist and DECwrite (or an other application) will find its
	language specific *.UID file.
	Known Problem :	1. From DECwindows Motif 1.1 to Motif 1.2 the
			   "naming convension" for the root window property
			   n*xnlLanguage: changed from - example - de_DE to
			   DECwrite did not follow this and if the root
			   window property contains the ISO8859-1 string
			   DECwrite will not find the language specific *.UID
			   file and will not start or will come up US English
			   if installed.
	   Workaround :	   Run DECwrite with the xnlLanguage switch.
			   For example:
			   $ decwrite :== $decwrite -xnlLanguage de_CH
			   $ decwrite mydoc.doc
			   Apply change to the file vue$library:WRITE$VUE.COM
	Known Problem : 2. A few translations (f.e. buttons: Cancel->
			   Abbrechen, Help -> Hilfe) from english into german
			   have been done in the file:
  			   If you are using for example DECwrite Swiss
			   German it will not find and run this file so a few
			   strings (f.e. buttons in "Open Document" window)
			   will be US English.
	   Workaround :	   An example:
	This problems have been escalated to engineering. We are avaiting for
	a fix.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-JAN-2004 )

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