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Downloading failSAFE TCP/IP EAK?

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The Question is:

Problem receiving EAK for failSAFE IP!
I got this mail when I tried to get an EAK:
">>>> get failover-openvms failsafeip.uuencoded
**** List 'failover-openvms' is a private list.
**** Only members of the list can do a 'get'.
**** You aren't a member of list 'failover-openvms'."
   To download the latest failSAFE EAK kit for TCP/IP Services V5.3,
    you will need to use the following procedure:
          1 - Send mail to majordomo@ucx.lkg.dec.com, with the following
              command in the body of the mail text:
                      get failover-openvms failsafeip.uuencoded
              You will receive a mail message containing a uuencoded Alpha
              executable image. If your mail client automatically decodes
              the mail then just save it, otherwise you will need to use
              UUDECODE to convert the mail to an Alpha image.
          2 - Save the Alpha image on your target Alpha system then do the
              following command:
                      $ RUN DEC-AXPVMS-TCPIP-FAILSAFE-T0100-1I-1.PCSI-DCX_AXPEXE
          3 - This will create the DEC-AXPVMS-TCPIP-FAILSAFE-T0100-1I-1.PCSI
              kit which you can now install using $PRODUCT INSTALL.

The Answer is :

  failSAFE IP is part of TCP/IP Services V5.4, the current release.
  Please use that, and not the early adopter's kit (EAK) variant.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-JAN-2004 )

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