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DCL PIPE Command and Symbols? (FAQ)

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The Question is:

With the pipe command How do I pass the results of a symbol back to the command
$pipe dir/size/total DSA33:[audit_data]*.* | search sys$input total | read
 sys$input line
$write sys$output line
%DCL-W-UNDSYMB undefine symbol
I want to use the result of symbol line in the remainder of the command file
I have tried all the examples in the VMS help and in FAQ but have not found
 away to return the results of the read to a symbol.

The Answer is :

  Please consider a review of the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions
  (FAQ).  You will find various discussions available within the FAQ,
  including a discussion of the PIPE command and DCL symbol processing.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-JAN-2004 )

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