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DCPS and Stopped (Holding) Print Jobs?

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The Question is:

A large postscript print job (63229 blocks) prints about 500 pages then stops
 with a entry status of holding.  The printer is a LN40.  Using DCPS v2.2.
 This started happening after the upgrade of DCPS.
When the job stops printer this message is displayed:
%DCPS-I-RELEASE $SET QUEUE/RELEASE/ENTRY=123 LN$VIC to release for printing
-DCPS-I-JOB_ID, for Job LASER (QUE LN$VIC, entry 123) on LN$VIC
The entry is as follows:
123 LASER OPER 63229  Holding
Submitted 22-JAN-2004 11:40:21.90 /NOFLAG /FORM=DCPS$DEFAULT (stock=DEFAULT)
Why does the job stop printing?

The Answer is :

  This condition could result from a timeout arising within the printer
  NIC, or within an intervening IP router or firewall.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would also encourage an upgrade to DECprint Services
  (DCPS) V2.3 or (as available) later, as V2.3 includes enhancements
  changes which can resolve potentially-related IP networking problems.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-JAN-2004 )

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