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Older IP Transport Limits, OSU Webserver?

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The Question is:

We are migrating an OpenVMS application that receives ascii text data sets
 posted to it via http through the OSU freeware webserver software.  As part of
 the migration we are attempting to "re-post" the transactions to the new
 application located at a dif
ferent IP address.  We wrote a C program which uses sockets to accomplish this
 and are now encountering a 64K limit that UCX 4.2 has, when attempting to
 re-post large data sets.  Since we cannot upgrade the legacy host we are
 looking for the best alternat
ives.  We cannot modify the clients which do the original post.  Can you offer
 altenatives better than having to "program around" this 64K limit?  Are there
 any freeware or other alternatives to doing this through UCX?

The Answer is :

  This certainly appears to be part of the cost of the conflict between
  being locked onto older environments and older product versions while
  also requiring new features and new support and enhancements -- in the
  OpenVMS Wizard's experience, you are unfortunately going to have to
  program around this particular transport-level limit if you must remain
  within this particular configuration.
  There may or may not be capabilities within the third-party web server
  package that could assist here -- the OpenVMS Wizard is not particularly
  familiar with third-party applications such as OSU, and would encourage
  you to directly contact the supporting parties for the particular package.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-JAN-2004 )

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