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DEC 3000 OpenVMS installation failure?

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The Question is:

When I try to install OpenVMS 6.2, using the command "boot -flags 0,20000
 dka500" onto a DEC 3000, the installation process works OK until it reaches
 the point where it checks the system disk, it then hangs with the message
 "%SWAPPER-I-SYSDISK, checking s
tatus of system disk".
I have tried 2 different hard disks (ST12400N & ST410800N)on both SCSI channels
 to no
avail. I'm sure the SCSI controller is OK because the SCSI CD-ROM
 (CR-503-B)works fine and it allowed me to install firmware updates OK.
The 2 SCSI devices - hard disk & CD ROM both have their termination set ON and
 one of them has the TERM Power set ON. The SCSI ID's are
set correctly and both scsi devices show up OK with the "Show Device" command.
I have tried setting the "Fast_SCSI" parameter to slow and setting the SCSI
 reset value up to 6 or 7.
The(ST12400N)hard disk did have a DOS partition but this has been removed in
 case it was confusing the installer.
Where am I going wrong?
All help, advice and suggestions gratefully received.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would strongly encourage installation of a far more
  current version of OpenVMS Alpha, and would strongly discourage any new
  installations of a software release from 1995 -- this recommendation
  barring any specific and overriding local requirements for use of an
  OpenVMS release as old as this, of course.
  As for the most obvious problem, this initially appears to be a system
  hardware error, probably initially with the CD-ROM or with the console
  settings associated with the CD-ROM, or conflicts between the CD-ROM
  and the storage devices present on the SCSI bus.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would typically expect the SRM console OS_TYPE to be
  set for OpenVMS, that the console BOOT_RESET value typically be enabled.
  The DEC 3000 series can also be sensitive to the SRM console SCSI_RESET
  value, and the system documentation can be found to recommend a setting
  of 6 for bootstrapping off CD-ROM media -- as you have apparently tried.
  Sometimes values of 3 or more can be found to function.  (This timer
  determines how long SRM will wait for the CD-ROM device to come on-line
  and for the SCSI bus to stabilize after a SCSI reset.)  (Some older SRM
  firmware releases have upgrade procedures that can sometimes require
  BOOT_RESET to be disabled.)
  As for third-party device integration and testing, please see the
  information available in the OpenVMS FAQ -- the OpenVMS Wizard can
  potentially assist with issues of OpenVMS operations with supported
  hardware, but the OpenVMS Wizard is not familiar with the requirements,
  features and restrictions involved with third-party hardware.  OpenVMS
  releases and particularly older releases have and can enforce specific
  device settings, with requirements such as the ARRE and ARWE settings
  specifically referenced in the FAQ.
  Please also check the firmware revisions of the devices involved against
  the current for the device, and please also check the aggregate SCSI bus
  length, SCSI bus wiring, and SCSI termination.
  Please contact your hardware support organization or HP Hardware Services,
  as details on the DEC 3000 model, the storage devices, and the CD-ROM
  installed.  Some firmware revisions of the RRD42, for instance, can have
  configuration restrictions or can require additional work or drive
  upgrades -- and older CD drives can have difficulty reading newer CD
  media formulations.  Additionally, details on the particular SRM firmware
  involved and its settings will be of interest -- and the OpenVMS Wizard
  would also tend to upgrade the SRM console firmware to the most recent
  available version, obviously.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-JAN-2004 )

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