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On-line Electronic Payments? (Credit Card)

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The Question is:

Do you know of any OpenVMS installations that have implemented online payment
 (credit card, electronic check) acceptance, and what approach they have taken ?

The Answer is :

  There are many considerations, ranging from the details of the
  payments to the shopping cart software to the particular web
  server(s) involved.  The specifics of the implementation and
  the available options obviously do tend to vary by the local
  requirements and particularly by the merchant electronic payment
  connectivity and the particular software chosen.
  There exists an open-source osCommerce store-front package,
  for instance, that is based on PHP, Apache and MySQL, all of
  which are available via OpenVMS Freeware.  (The OpenVMS Wizard
  is not immediately aware of an OpenVMS port, but has not looked
  for one nor -- if the code has not already been ported -- at the
  relative difficulty or the ease of porting the code.)
  You will want to contact your HP reseller or HP representative for
  assistance with this question, and (if needed) for assistance in
  determining your specific requirements and developing your solution.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-FEB-2004 )

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