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LPD_UNREACHABLE Lost Connection to Printer?

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The Question is:

I'm trying to export a VMS local print queue via lpd. I've read and applied all
 from the "TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS" manual, and I'm quite used to work with
 telnetsym, lat and lpd queue printing from VMS (...more than 100 queues today!).
When I try to print from a w2k host on the exported VMS queue, I get the error
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   5-FEB-2004 17:47:03.72  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user INTERnet on OMBRA
INTERnet ACP LPD Accept Request from Host: Port: 3965
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   5-FEB-2004 17:47:03.86  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user TCPIP$LPD on OMBRA
Request on port 515 (LPD) from remote port 3965
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   5-FEB-2004 17:47:04.00  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user INTERnet on OMBRA
INTERnet ACP AUXS error during process exit  Status = %TCPIP-E-LPD_UNREACHABLE
The exact situation is as follow:
1) fully working telnetsym queue named ombra$printced2
2) fully working generic print queue printced2
3) tcpip$printcap.dat defined queue "ubu2"
TCPIP V5.0.10 ECO 5.0.111

The Answer is :

  Please ugrade to supported versions of OpenVMS Alpha and of TCP/IP
  Services; TCP/IP Services V5.0 in particular is very old.  As of
  this writing, V7.3-2 and V5.4 are the current releases.
  Please consider a to direct network access to the printing device
  via JetDirect or integrated NIC, as route-through is -- as you are
  discovering -- more difficult to manage than a direct connection
  to the printer.
  The target LPD server within the printer is apparently not reachable
  or not otherwise accessable.
  One of the typical errors associated with the LPD_UNREACHABLE
  connection lost error is:
%TCPIP-E-LPD_UNREACHABLE, lost connection to host hostname
-SYSTEM-F-REJECT, connect to network object rejected
  The secondary message is typically critical to determining the cause
  of and to resolving this connectivity problem.
  Please see topic (1020) as a start.  Please also see topics (7490),
  (6239), (6316), (4316), (3424), and (2653), among various discussions
  of IP printing and rejected connections.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-FEB-2004 )

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