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Bootstraps and Invalid HWRPB Errors?

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The Question is:

We have an Alphaserver 800 5/500 running open vms V7.1-2.
I would like to upgrade it to the VMS 7.3-1
When I try to boot it from CDrom,
usin vms 7.2-1 &
boot -flags 0,0 dka400,
I get a crashdump.
doing boot -flags 0,1 dka400, get a crashdump
and warning HWRPB is invalid
Doing the same using a VMS 7.3-1 get warning
HWRPB is invalid.
I have multinet on this system
Q. Should I be able to boot off a VMS 7.2-1 or VMS 7.3-1 machine from the CD?
 Should I have any particuler ECO installed on VMS 7.1-2 before I boot?
thanks for your help..

The Answer is :

  The references to the Hardware Restart Parameter Block (HWRPB)
  imply low-level hardware or software failures, or SRM console
  Please confirm the SRM console firmware version, as a start, and
  please review the available OpenVMS upgrade documentation -- if
  you have not already done so, of course.
  If the problems persist and you have the appropriate SRM firmware
  loaded, please contact your hardware support vendor or HP hardware
  services for assistance troubleshooting this.
  It is expected that supported systems will boot the specified
  OpenVMS Alpha releases off supported CD-ROM devices.
  For pointers to SRM firmware, please see the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-FEB-2004 )

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