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DECnet Adjacency down, adjacency rejected?

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The Question is:

I found this error in the  operator.log of node MOR301.
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  17-FEB-2004 14:09:19.27  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user DECNET on MOR301
DECnet event 4.18, adjacency down
From node 5.77 (MOR301), 17-FEB-2004 14:09:18.25
Circuit ISA-0, Dropped by adjacent node, Adjacent node = 5.78 (COMEX1)
Also i got this other error in another node.
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  17-FEB-2004 14:16:34.65  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user DECNET on SBDMM1
DECnet event 4.16, adjacency rejected
From node 5.82 (SBDMM1), 17-FEB-2004 14:16:34.64
Circuit EWA-0, Adjacent node = 5.81 (APCMM1)
Really i don4t know what is happening and what node (i have 6 )is having
Any suggestion?

The Answer is :

  If this is a moderately-sized DECnet network, check the settings of
  the following NCP limits:
      Executor Max Broadcast Nonrouters
      Executor Max Broadcast Routers
      Circuit Maximum Routers
  It is also possible that there are network errors, or other
  misconfigurations.  You will also want to acquire and install
  any available DECnet ECO kits for your release, as well as
  available mandatory OpenVMS VAX ECO kits.  (You will also want
  to consider an upgrade to a more current OpeNVMS release; this
  OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2H4 software release shipped in 1993, obviously.)
  If you have appropriately large settings for the numbers of
  routers and nodes present in your DECnet network, please
  contact the customer support center directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAR-2004 )

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