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Seeking Windows 2000 Server Capabilities?

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The Question is:

I need copy file from Alpha (Open VMS) to PC (Windows 2000 ) from cc program
 (on Alpha). How can I do it ?
I can't solve this problem. Help me, please.

The Answer is :

  This operation is not typically available, as Microsoft Windows 2000
  systems are configured and operated as clients and not as servers,
  and as Windows 2000 systems generally do not provide servers for
  typical IP protocols and the associated tools.  (For assistance with
  this, please contact a Microsoft Wizard.)
  Where you to configure an FTP server on the target Windows 2000 system,
  you could use a system() command and the COPY/FTP DCL command.  This
  assumes you have TCP/IP Services or another IP stack configured and
  operating on OpenVMS.  Most Windows systems have IP stacks, as well.
  Where you to configure an NFS client or an NFS server on the Windows
  2000 system, you could perform a corresponding transfer into the
  mapped area of the NFS server, either directly into the directory
  served by an OpenVMS NFS Server, or indirectly through the OpenVMS
  NFS client.  NFS client and NFS server capabilities are available
  with TCP/IP Services and other OpenVMS IP stacks.
  OpenVMS can offer the file via its (re)location into an area served
  by and accessable to an OpenVMS FTP Server, or via its location in
  an area accessable to an OpenVMS webserver, or via a DECnet copy
  (assuming PATHWORKS 32 or another DECnet implementation is installed
  on the Windows 2000 system), or otherwise.  This obviously requires
  you to find a way to trigger the operation on the Windows 2000 client,
  either from the host program or by the action of the client user.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is not aware of an SMB client for OpenVMS,
  meaning that there is no way for OpenVMS to participate as a client
  in a Microsoft Windows network.  (The Advanced Server package and
  the Samba package do offer SMB server capabilities for OpenVMS,
  but there may or may not be any a way to transfer files into the
  container served to the Windows systems.  Advanced Server does
  not offer this.)
  Alternatively, you could replace the Windows system with a server
  configuration with the necessary server capabilities.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-FEB-2004 )

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