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Comparing and re-using DTM benchmark data?

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The Question is:

Dear Mr. Wizard,
   We are preparing for a Vax to Alpha migration and are considering using
 Digital Test Manager (DTM) (Ver. 3.64) to validate success of said migration.
 My question is:
   If we have baseline result sets from our benchmark testing on the Vax, how
 do we compare those versus our result sets created on the Alpha after migration.
   One thought we had was to copy the result sets from the Alpha to the Vax and
 then initiate the compares.  It would be wonderful if there were an automated
   Your help and guidance is much appreciated.
Rodney Sandman

The Answer is :

  The DTM benchmark files are consistent and shareable, so you can
  perform and can update your comparisions on OpenVMS VAX and then
  start and perform the same series of regression comparisions again
  on OpenVMS Alpha.  (You can share the DTM libraries and your existing
  source pool within a mixed-architecture cluster, for instance, and
  can use the cluster during the migration to ease the effort involved.)

answer written or last revised on ( 19-FEB-2004 )

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