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Debugging SS$_EXQUOTA Exceeded Quota errors?

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The Question is:

One of our processes fails to start-up, giving the usual exceeded-quota
 problem. An executable linked with debug does not run, so that we could not
 verify which resources were being requested, and hence causing a depreciation
 of quotas. The program does s
pecificy a large array of a record structure. We have checked out the obvious
 physical size of the disk-based pagefile. The program still does not run.
 Reducing the array size and re
-compiling it does work, but our programmers need to use the bigger declaration.
Please help.

The Answer is :

  You have indicated you have checked values, but not what the values
  are, nor what the application requirements might be.
  Solely based on your reference to a large array, it would appear that
  the system VIRTUALPAGECNT parameter setting (typically unlimited on
  the specificed OpenVMS release) or the process PGFLQUOTA is limiting
  the application.
  It is also possible that you have exceeded the available address
  space within P0 and P1 (32-bit space), or that there is no room
  in the process working-set.  You can potentially determine
  addressing requirements from the link maps.
  Please (try to) run the application interactively, then examine
  the quotas used with the quotas available in the detached process
  environment.  Interactive quotas are determined by the SYSUAF
  settings, while detached process settings are determined by
  the specific quotas specified when the process is created as
  minimized against the PQL system default system parameter settings
  and the PQL system quota minimum values.
  Topic (1661) contains lists of and also has pointers to various
  coding mistakes, and to other related topics.  Other SS$_EXQUOTA
  discussion topics include (7743), (5747), (3518) and (1558).

answer written or last revised on ( 20-FEB-2004 )

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