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DECwindows can't start transport?

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The Question is:

Hello, I've used the Wizard's answers quite well so far, but now I can't
 resolve a problem. I've installed OpenVMS 7.2 in charon-vax (because I lack an
 SCSI cd drive) then transferred the disk image unto the RZ23 of my VLC. But
 DECWindows won't start:
21-FEB-2004 14:06:58.9 Hello, this is the X server
This is the DECwindows X11 display server for OpenVMS VAX V7.1-961112
                compiled on Nov 12 1996 at 19:15:28
Dixmain address=00019c40
Server is running in bug-compatible mode
Now attach all known txport images
Can't start transports
I've checked the transport EXE files according to the documentation, and they
 do exist. What should I check now?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard cannot determine if this is a corruption arising
  during the original installation via the CHARON-VAX emulator, or an
  installation error, or an error that has arisen during the transfer
  over to the VAXstation 4000 VLC system, or a system configuration
  (or tailoring) error, and would encourage you to acquire the necessary
  hardware and perform a direct installation onto the target system.
  General DECwindows troubleshooting information is included in the
  OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions.
  On similar case that has been seen involves a non-zero version of the
  decw$transport_common.exe transport image and DECW$TAILOR; older
  OpenVMS VAX and DECwindows releases can mis-handle this configuration.
  (Given the stated OpenVMS VAX V7.2 release, this is not likely the
  issue here.)  One of the central reasons folks will resort to use of
  older tools such as DECW$TAILOR and VMSTAILO is a system disk that
  is too small, too full, or both.
  The RZ23 is insufficient for most any OpenVMS VAX use; this SCSI
  disk was typically intended as and typically used as a local paging
  and swapping disk, and not as a system disk.  This is the root of
  your current problems, and the OpenVMS Wizard expects your chosen
  installation sequence was due both to the lack of a CD-ROM and due
  to the lack of storage on the system disk.  (Capacity would allow
  transfer of the kits onto the system disk, or transfer of the kit(s)
  onto a secondary disk and installation from there.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard strongly encourages acquiring a properly-sized
  SCSI system disk, and to acquire a SCSI CD-ROM drive.  Operations
  in unsupported or otherwise non-trivial installation environments
  can lead to the situation you have encountered, and these can be
  difficult to troubleshoot.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-FEB-2004 )

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