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TCP/IP Services (FTP) Log Management?

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The Question is:

Dynamic TCPIP Service Log Management:
Is it possible to dynamically adjust the log creation setting in TCP/IP Service
 for OpenVMS ?
I have reviewed the documentation and nothing is detailed therein but am aware
 that some logicals are available that can alter TCPIP Services behaviour - But
 are not Documented (specifically - TCPIP$FTP_SERVER ). Is there a similar
 function available for
TCP/IP Service logging ?
Currently Running VMS 7.3-1 TCP/IP V5.3 - ECO 1

The Answer is :

  Nope.  What is occasionally cited but seldom documented is a
  side-effect of how the TCP/IP Services opens its output log
  files and specifically how these interact with logical names
  that might be defined.  (Akin to how AUTHORIZE finds SYSUAF
  by its filename SYSUAF and its default name SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT,
  the definition of a logical name SYSUAF can redirect the file
  actually opened.  Some TCP/IP Services applications use similar
  sequences when opening application-specific files.)  Again,
  this area of TCP/IP Services is generally not documented.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAR-2004 )

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