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NFS or SMB Disk Server and Security?

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The Question is:

Running OpenVMS V7.1-2  and UCX V4.2
An exported directory can be mapped and written to from Win 98 PC's, but on
 Windows XP clients, we can map the drive, read from the drive but cannot write
 to it.
Error returned is :
Cannot Copy xxxx  access is denied, make sure the disk is not fulll or write
I'd guess this is something simple, any help greatly appreciated.

The Answer is :

  Your system does not appear to have its NFS proxy mappings
  established, or the established mappings are invalid.  For
  related information, please check the NFS server logs.  Also
  please see the OpenVMS TCP/IP Services documentation for
  information on configuring the NFS server and the TCP/IP
  services proxy database.
  If this not NFS, and is the PATHWORKS Server or the Advanced
  Server package that is providing the export of the volume via
  Microsoft SMB protocols -- and if you are running a recent or
  current release with any applicable ECO -- please contact the
  support center directly.  Expect to be asked details of the
  version and the particular configuration involved.
  Your OpenVMS Alpha and TCP/IP Services versions are dated,
  and both are in need of an upgrade to far more recent (and
  preferably to supported) releases.  As of this writing,
  V7.3-2 and V5.4 are the current product releases.  ECOs
  are also available, and should be installed.  If running
  PATHWORKS or Advanced Server, the OpenVMS Wizard will here
  assume that the version in use is dated, and thus in need
  of an upgrade and then the application of any relevent
  available ECO kits.  (Note that Windows XP has specific
  minimum version requirements for SMB-based disk services,
  please see other topics here in the Ask The Wizard area.)

answer written or last revised on ( 24-FEB-2004 )

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