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lib$spawn, sys$sndjbcw, and I/O redirection?

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The Question is:

I have code (Fortran) that calls LIB$SPAWN to execute a DCL command procedure.
 I realize that if the command were put into a batch queue via a submit, I
 wouldn't have the current problem, but I need to have the command processed
 before anything else happ
ens.  The actual command is:
The problem we have is that expected warning messages are printing to the users
 screen as well as to the log file.  Would it work to assign sys$error to the
 null terminal? Or does that have inherent problems?

The Answer is :

  You will want to consider use of sys$sndjbc[w] in place of the
  current lib$spawn if you wish to issue a SUBMIT operation.
  If you wish to pursue the current implementation, use the
  optional output and error arguments on the lib$spawn call,
  or recode the DCL procedure to use I/O redirection (your
  OpenVMS version is sufficiently ancient that it lacks the
  DCL command PIPE, a command which makes DCL I/O redirection
  rather easier), or use the /ERROR qualifier available with
  the command procedure invocation.
  The COPY/FTP command may be of interest, as well.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-FEB-2004 )

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