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Clustering, Ethernet/802.3, Path Selection?

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The Question is:

Dear sirs,
I currently have 2 AS4000 servers that are clustered via our enterprise
 network. On some occasions the house has taken some network hits which usually
 cause one or the other nodes to loose connectivity. (Network partner exited)
 It was requested that I ins
tall another DE500 in each node in order to isolate the cluster communications
 to between just the 2 nodes rather than over the house network, thus
 eliminating the network drops. I know back in the VAX era this was done via
 thin wire connection between th
e nodes, however I am not sure that the Alphas can be connected this way. Can
 you help to enlighten me? Thanks, dave

The Answer is :

  ThinWire is Ethernet, and OpenVMS can cluster over Ethernet as
  well as over 802.3 networks.  For information on clustering
  and the available cluster interconnects, please review the
  OpenVMS cluster documentation in the OpenVMS manual set.
  For information on configuring clustering to use a particular
  network interconnect, please see the SCACP documentation, and
  please see discussions of the BUS tools for various releases.
  Related topics include (2068), (3226), (6395), (7172), (8650),
  (8074), and  -- in addition to SCACP -- particularly (8790).

answer written or last revised on ( 25-FEB-2004 )

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