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DCL, lexicals and file and directory processing?

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The Question is:

Here is the problem I am running into.  I'm grabbing some local files and
 putting them on a FTP.  That part works fine.  The problem is the FTP is
 dynamically named with whatever the current month and year are.  The FTP com
 that runs first navigates to th
e root directory then attempts to create a directory say FEB_2004.  Well if
 this is run again to grab updated files the .com chokes because the directory
 is already there.  I've tried create/directory and mkdir.  Is there some sort
 of parameter that I can
 pass it to allow it to contine on it's merry way?

The Answer is :

  Without details of the DCL and FTP commands used, no specific answer
  is possible.  (This looks to be a bug in the procedure, but without
  the sequence of commands utilized, this is a guess.)  Please contact
  the support center, and expect to be asked for the commands used.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-FEB-2004 )

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