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SCSI Device Troubleshooting?

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The Question is:

Why won't my Alpha Ds10 (running openvms 7.2-1) recognize a DAT72e drive when
 it is connected to the 3x-kzpca-aa controller?

The Answer is :

  For general third-party storage peripheral information, please
  review the relevent section of the OpenVMS FAQ.
  Please contact your hardware services organization or HP Services
  for assistance in configuring the SCSI bus and the particular
  device; this includes a check of overall bus length, of address
  settings in the device and the host controller, proper termination,
  and various other hardware considerations.  Far more detail is
  needed than can be reasonably provided, and the OpenVMS Wizard
  is not in a position to provide hardware service or support, nor
  device integration and testing, nor hardware troubleshooting.
  Do note that the SRM console must first see the device, and then
  OpenVMS uses information available from the console.  The console
  performs basic configuration operations on OpenVMS Alpha.
  Again, please contact your prefered hardware support organization.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-MAR-2004 )

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