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DCPS and Third-Party Printers?

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The Question is:

DS-10 OpenVMS 7.3-2, TCP/IP 5.4, DCPS 2.3
Xerox 6250 (DX) colour laser printer
How can this printer be optimally used through
DCPS. Should it be disguised as a Phaser 850 (also a postscript 3 printer) or
Thanks in advance
R. Voorhorst

The Answer is :

  The Xerox 6250 printer is not supported by DCPS, so it will be run
  as an unrecognized-type printer.   The OpenVMS Wizard suspects this
  printer might work this way, although selection by tray name and
  native PCL printing will not be possible.
  The OpenVMS FAQ describes a method of customizing DCPS device control
  modules, if the printer does not function as an unrecognized-type
  device.  You could also define the DCPS$queuename_PRODUCT_NAME logical
  name attempt to disguise the printer as a supported model, and
  preferably as a printer that is operationally similar.
  None of these techniques are supported, but may work if the printer
  does not behave correctly as an unrecognized-type printer.  Again,
  please review the FAQ and the DCPS documentation.
  For the printers supported by DCPS, please see the DCPS Software
  Product Description (SPD).  Pointers to SPDs are in the FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAR-2004 )

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