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lib$spawn and Termination Mailbox (TRMMBX)?

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The Question is:

This is a followup to 9378.
I stumbled upon a partial solution viz. don't allow the "input-file" argument
 (the second argument) to default. For many calls to LIB$SPAWN within an
 application there is no intention for the spawned command to read input and so
 a value of "NL:" for this
argument suffices. This then avoids the TRMMBX error.
I note that the LIB$SPAWN doco does not mention TRMMBX as a possible error and
 hence or otherwise does not mention the situations in which it is unavoidable
 and those in which it is avoidable.

The Answer is :

 TRMMBX,  terminal has associated mailbox - terminate image and then
  Facility:     CLI, Command Language Interpreter (DCL)
  Explanation:  A SPAWN command failed because the current image has
                associated a mailbox with the terminal.
  User Action:  Terminate the current image, then reenter the command.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-MAR-2004 )

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