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Creating Bootable OpenVMS CD Media?

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The Question is:

Dear Wizard,
I created a Container-File with CDRECORD.COM, wrote with
 sys$system:axpvms$install_pcsi_min.com a minimum VMS to lda1: (the
 containerfile), burned the file to CDR, booted with the newly created CDR and
 got a message that the medium is read-only followed b
y a mount-verification message. The system never came back from this
What can I do to create an bootable CDR ?? I would only need to have a backup
 command on the cdr, for restoring a included saveset with my application also
 delivered with this cdr.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume you have the appropriate licenses
  and can legally copy OpenVMS in the requested fashion.  If not,
  you will need to acquire the necessary licenses and permissions.
  The OpenVMS Wizard must assume a great many details here, but
  will assume that the particular CD-R device, the bootstrap
  CD-R device, or the ATA/IDE bus bootstrap is not supported.
  Some of the more common cases involve an unsupported system,
  or an unsupported CD-R/CD-ROM bootstrap device, or an
  unsupported IDE/ATA/ATAPI bootstrap path.  Various of the
  related discussions are available in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  The typical sequence for creating a bootable CD-R/RW disk
  involves use of an appropriately-sized LD partition and
  sys$system:axpvms$install_pcsi_min.com, followed by the
  recording of the partiton onto CD-R/RW media using one
  of the available CD-R/RW tools (as referenced in the FAQ).
  OpenVMS Alpha does not provide a bootable version of the
  traditional OpenVMS VAX standalone BACKUP environment, that
  was retired with OpenVMS Alpha V6.1 and later in favor
  of a fully bootable version of OpenVMS Alpha.
  You could, of course, acquire and use an OpenVMS Alpha
  Please contact the customer support center directly.
  Expect to be asked details of the configuration.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-MAR-2004 )

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