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Locking Rates, Lock Waits?

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The Question is:

Many of my users are having 'waiting on lock' messages on screens. Researching
 the problem I found out (via monitor lock and dlock) that the rate of ENQ and
 DEQ vary from 200 to several thousands in average (same for DEQ) What are
 normal rates for these p
Also I  increased the ASTlm value which seems to aleviate the 'waiting on lock'
 problem. The only applicatin we run is Cognos Powerhouse on Alpha 20DS.
Can you direct me to areas where I can find more info about 'waiting on lock'
Jorge Melazzini

The Answer is :

  Lock waits are not necessarily associated with lock rates -- lock
  waits can occur at exceedingly low locking rates, or at exceedingly
  high lock rates.  There is no particular correlation, the central
  factor hereare the incidents of lock collision; the blocking lock(s).
  Please contact the HP customer support center or the Cognos support
  organization, as the specific error message is required - this may
  be an application message, a third-party product message, a layered
  product message, or an OpenVMS message, and without the exact text
  there can be no certainty.
  The only immediately-similar OpenVMS message should not arise in
  the context of user operations:
   LOCKWAIT,  waiting for locks on system disk
  You will also want to review the installation and configuration
  documentation for the products in use at the time of the error,
  looking specifically for process quota and/or system parameter
  settings recommendations and/or requirements.
  Please also ensure -- and as is typically requested -- you have the
  current mandatory ECO kits installed, and any locking, file system
  or cluster-related ECO kits installed.  Also please check with the
  Cognos support organization for information on any Cognos kits that
  might potentially be available and/or required.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-MAR-2004 )

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