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Insufficient Virtual Memory (INSVIRMEM)?

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The Question is:

When running a rather large executable (5500+ blocks) I get an error message
 "NO VIRTUAL ADDRESS SPACE AVAILABLE" and the run does not execute. What SYSGEN
 parameters do I need to reset to make this go away.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS FAQ section entitled:
    How do I recover from INSVIRMEM errors?
  will be of interest here, as will topics including (401),
  (6399), (7857), and others.  The HELP/MESSAGE text for the
  most likely error -- without the specific error message
  text, this is obviously a guess -- is included below.
  Note that OpenVMS VAX applications are limited to 30 or 31
  address bits (one or two gigabytes) of process virtual
  address space, depending on how the application is coded.
  Please upgrade to a supported OpenVMS VAX release.
 INSVIRMEM,  insufficient virtual memory
  Facility:     LIB, Library Facility
  Explanation:  The application was unable to allocate additional virtual
  User Action:  Reduce the application's size or complexity, or increase the
                amount of available virtual memory by taking one or more of
                the following actions:
                o Adjust the AUTHORIZE quota PGFLQUO to increase the user's
                  paging file quota.
                o Change the SYSGEN parameter VIRTUALPAGECNT (on VAX systems
                  only) to increase the system's virtual page count limit.
                o Increase the size of the system paging files.
                o Increase the amount of system physical memory.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-MAR-2004 )

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