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APACHE$WWW and Bad Group Name? Identifiers?

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The Question is:

I've installed csws v1.3 but I'm unable to get apache started. In the
 apache$server.log the failure is indicated as 'bad group name APACHE$WWW"  can
 you help me with this problem?
jan knol
the apache$$server.log:
$ type/pa apache$root:[000000]apache$$server.log
$ Set NoOn
**  15-MAR-2004 20:54:10.58
15-MAR-2004 20:54:10.60   User: APACHE$WWW       Process ID:   00000134
                          Node: ALPHA3           Process name: "APACHE$00"
User Identifier:    [APACHE$WWW]
Base priority:      4
Default file spec:  APACHE$ROOT:[000000]
Number of Kthreads: 1
Process Quotas:
 Account name: AP_HTTPD
 CPU limit:                      Infinite  Direct I/O limit:       300
 Buffered I/O byte count quota:    199232  Buffered I/O limit:     300
 Timer queue entry quota:             609  Open file quota:        297
 Paging file quota:                244448  Subprocess quota:        20
 Default page fault cluster:           64  AST quota:              609
 Enqueue quota:                      2000  Shared file limit:        0
 Max detached processes:                0  Max active jobs:          0
Accounting information:
 Buffered I/O count:        53  Peak working set size:       2544
 Direct I/O count:          23  Peak virtual size:         171408
 Page faults:              157  Mounted volumes:                0
 Images activated:           1
 Elapsed CPU time:          0 00:00:00.08
 Connect time:              0 00:00:00.23
Authorized privileges:
Process privileges:
 NETMBX               may create network device
 TMPMBX               may create temporary mailbox
Process rights:
 APACHE$WWW                        resource
System rights:
Auto-unshelve: on
Image Dump: off
Soft CPU Affinity: off
Parse Style: Traditional
Case Lookup: Blind
Units: Blocks
Home RAD: 0
Scheduling class name: none
Process Dynamic Memory Area
  Current Size (KB)               128.00   Current Size (Pagelets)       256
  Free Space (KB)                 114.10   Space in Use (KB)           13.89
  Largest Var Block (KB)          113.78   Smallest Var Block (By)     32.00
  Number of Free Blocks                5   Free Blocks LEQU 64 bytes       2
There is 1 process in this job:
  APACHE$00 (*)
  =   APACHE$ROOT:[000000]
  =   APACHE$COMMON:[000000]
alpha3$dka200:[000000.apache.][000000]apache_httpd.exe_alpha;1: bad group name A
  APACHE$WWW   job terminated at 15-MAR-2004 20:54:10.71
  Accounting information:
  Buffered I/O count:                109      Peak working set size:       4112
  Direct I/O count:                   48      Peak virtual size:         171664
  Page faults:                       399      Mounted volumes:                0
  Charged CPU time:        0 00:00:00.17

The Answer is :

  If the APACHE$WWW username within SYSUAF lacks the alphanumeric
  AP_HTTPD group name, it would appear that there are problems
  with the cluster or system configuration, or the associated
  security identifier has been removed.
  Assuming that there are no other usernames within the UIC group
  for the APACHE$WWW username, you can recreate this identifier by
  removing the username entirely and invoking
  to recreate the username.  The associated UIC group should now
  show as AP_HTTPD, and the (obviously) USERNAME as APACHE$WWW.
  Alternatively, you MAY be able to resolve this with the AUTHORIZE
  command ADD/IDENTIFIER=[uicgroup,*], as described in the OpenVMS
  FAQ.  Please see the FAQ section entitled:
    How do I change the text in a user's UIC identifier?
  If this is a cluster, please ensure you have the correct
  clusteer-wide logical name declarations for the core system
  files.   OpenVMS V7.2 and later have listings of the core
  (shared) OpenVMS files available in SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE.
  Ensure that all files are appropriately configured, and --
  in this case -- particularly check SYSUAF and RIGHTSLIST.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-MAR-2004 )

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