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Printers and NICs, HP JetDirect, Net Port?

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The Question is:

We are trying to print from an Alpha Open VMS
V7.1-2 machine to a HP color printer 4500 series,installed on a windows
 2000/Novell Network environment. This printer is connected to the network
 through a "net port". The "net port" has 2 parallel ports and 1  serial port.
The printer itself is connected to one of the parallel port. The 2nd parallel
 port and the serial port are not used .
While we could configure our print queue on the Alpha system to print (via IP
 printing), the print job does not come  through to the printer.
We suspect that the "net port" is the problem.
Is there a way to mention in our print job/print queue/print command, as to
 which port
the print job should go to? ( on the net port)
Meaning, is there a way to let the print job know that it should go the
 parallel port of the
net port?
Please advise.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard is familiar with devices that connect printers
  to the network via the printer's parallel port, but has no specific
  knowledge of your "net port" device.  An example of a device that
  the OpenVMS Wizard is familiar with that does connect the printer
  to the network is the HP JetDirect series NIC, with various models
  and configurations available.
  In general, a DCPS or Telnet queue could print through the device
  to the printer if the parallel port to which it is connected is
  addressable with a port number; for example, 9100.  Likewise, an
  LPD queue could also work if supported by the device.
  You could also add an external or internal network card -- this
  printer supports an internal HP JetDirect for example, and an
  external JetDirect can potentially also be used) to the printer.
  The internal JetDirect provides a more direct network connection.
  The OpenVMS Wizard discourages use of host route-through, this
  is more difficult to configure and maintain.  Use of a JetDirect
  or similar NIC device is recommended, and this allows all hosts
  directly and easily access the printer via the network LAN.
  For printing-related information, please start with topic (1020).

answer written or last revised on ( 16-MAR-2004 )

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