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Copying SYSUAF (Security) Authorization Files?

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The Question is:

Which Security files I have to copy from one system to another? I know SYSUAF
 is one of them.

The Answer is :

  Which files are required is highly dependant on your goal.
  The list of files typically shared within a cluster is listed
  within SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE on V7.2 and later.
  The salient concern involves the binary identifier values that
  are stored on various objects; these binary values must match in
  order to avoid access-related security problems.
  The OpenVMS FAQ section entitled
    Can I copy SYSUAF to another version? To VAX? To Alpha?
  will certainly be of interest.
  Information on merging or splitting a cluster is also available
  here in Ask The Wizard in topics including (60), (203), (767),
  (915), (961), (1201), (1861), (6106), (6735), (6982), (6982),
  and others.  Merging is discussed in (1729), (2590), (3291)
  and others.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-MAR-2004 )

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