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Fortran Output Conversion Error (OUTCONERR)?

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The Question is:

Using Compaq Fortran V7.5-2630-48C8L in writing to an internal character string
 I got this error:
%FOR-E-OUTCONERR, output conversion error unit -5  file Internal Formatted
 Writede  user PC 000
%TRACE-E-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows
  image    module    routine             line      rel PC           abs PC
                                            0 FFFFFFFF80888954 FFFFFFFF80888954
 DEC$FORRTL                                 0 0000000000026C44 000000007C69CC44
 DEC$FORRTL                                 0 0000000000076104 000000007C6EC104
 DEC$FORRTL                                 0 0000000000073300 000000007C6E9300
 PRETLS  INTASC  INTASC                   107 0000000000000138 0000000000039A28
 PRETLS  USRUP2  USRUP2                  1480 0000000000000334 000000000003F614
 PRETLS  USRUPD  USRUPD                   101 0000000000000064 00000000000366B4
 PRETLS  PREUSR  PREUSR                  3282 00000000000002C8 00000000000324F8
 PRETLS  PRETLS_MAIN  PRETLS_MAIN         296 00000000000005EC 00000000000305EC
                                            0 FFFFFFFF8027B63C FFFFFFFF8027B63C
Question: What is Fortran lun -5 ?
(and where is it documented ?)
Thank you for your help in acquiring this information.

The Answer is :

  Please contact the customer support center for assistance, as
  details of the Fortran code involved and the apparent attempted
  (and failing) conversion will be required.
  Without a source code reproducer, the OpenVMS Wizard must point
  to the following documentation:
    "During a formatted output operation, the value of a particular
    number could not be output in the specified field length without
    loss of significant digits. If /CHECK=NOOUTPUT_CONVERSION is in
    effect (see Section 2.3.11), the severity is I (program continues).
    When /CHECK=NOOUTPUT_CONVERSION is in effect or if no ERR address
    is defined for the I/O statement encountering this error, the
    program continues and the entire overflowed field is filled with
    asterisks to indicate the error in the output record."
  The OpenVMS Wizard has seen reports of this OUTCONERR output
  conversion error resulting from one of problems with carriage
  control in an output record.  If there is no carriage control,
  please open the file with CARRIAGECONTROL='LIST'.  Alternatively,
  please verify the placement of the appropriate Fortran carriage
  control in the record.
  Please also review the capabilities of the debugger, as this
  tool can help you localize the error and (in cases such as
  this one) review the arguments.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-MAR-2004 )

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