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Parity Errors? Operator Requests?

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The Question is:

During a scheduled back-up I recieved these errors in my back-up log:
%BACKUP-W-DENSITY, MKA500:[000000]DATA1.; does not support specified density - d
%BACKUP-E-FATALERR, fatal error on MKA500:[]DATA1.;
-SYSTEM-F-PARITY, parity error
%BACKUP-I-OPERASSIST, operator assistance has been requested
I understand that these are probably caused by a bad tape in the drive. On my
 monitor I see:
%BACKUP-I-OPERSPEC, specify option (quit or Continue)
_(cursor blinking w/o $(prompt))
How do I specify an option to quit or continue?
What is the exact syntax to use with /REPLY modifier at the DCL prompt($)?

The Answer is :

  Parity errors are usually caused by tape errors, or by problems
  with the tape drive or related I/O hardware.  If a new tape and
  (as applicable) a cleaning of the tape drive do not resolve this,
  please contact your hardware services organization for assitance
  with resolving hardware errors.  (There are other discussions of
  parity errors here in Ask The Wizard.)
  Your BACKUP is apparently running with the /ASSIST qualifier enabled,
  either explicitly or by default.
  When running with /ASSIST enabled, you can use REPLY/TO=id CONTINUE
  or REPLY/TO=id QUIT, or such, from an operator terminal.
  To enable an operator terminal, use the command REPLY/ENABLE.
  For further information on this and related topics, please review
  the OpenVMS documentation.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-MAR-2004 )

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