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Reverse-Engineering and Memory Leaks?

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The Question is:

I'd like to know what tools I can use in OpenVMS to discover a "memory leakage"
 problem in an executable (I don't have its source code).
I monitor its execution via "show proc/cont" and the Virtual Pages counter is
 steadily increasing.

The Answer is :

  If you do not have the source code, you will want to contact the
  application maintainer(s) -- troubleshooting application errors
  without having access to the source code and related materials
  is a significant and complex undertaking; reverse-engineering
  (where permitted by contract and/or applicable laws) is a major
  The heap analyzer and the debugger would be the most common
  tools used for this purpose, but these are typically used with
  source code.
  Your OpenVMS release and likely also your layered products are
  out of date, and in need of an upgrade.  Please upgrade to a
  supported release.
  Topic (1661) is an introduction to the Programming and Debugging
  topics here in Ask The Wizard, and that topic references a large
  number of other topics for additional information and discussions,
  including topics on memory leaks, debugging, and related.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-MAR-2004 )

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