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DELHEADER file marked for delete?

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The Question is:

When carrying out an analyze/disk_sructure/repair is ther any documentation
 which will outline whaich errors are critical.
My main error message is
%ANALDISK-W-DELHEADER, file (180969,56,0) TT_26CE60EF.;1
        marked for delete
Kind Regards

The Answer is :

 DELHEADER,  file ('file-id') 'file-name' marked for delete
  Facility:     ANALDISK, Analyze/Disk_Structure Utility
  Explanation:  The specified file is marked for deletion, but has not been
  User Action:  None. The utility deletes the file.
  This DELHEADER message is generally entirely innocuous, and
  seldom cause for concern.
  For documentation on ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE, please review
  the applicable contents of the OpenVMS documentation set.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-MAR-2004 )

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