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Hardware Troubleshooting, Boot Errors?

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The Question is:

One of our client had a PWS 433au with VMS 7.1-1H2 installed since march 2000.
 it worked ok until 2 days ago. After powering off and on the PWS the re-boot
 was impossible message generated "invalid operating system". it seems that is
 battery PB. So we sel
ected manualy OPen VMS to Get the SRM Consol, so this was Ok. But the problem
 is the system will not boot on the disk as usua,we got the following message:
 (boot dka200.2.0.1009.0  flags 0,0) block 0 of dka200.2.0.1009.0 is not a
 valid boot block.
Bootstrap failure
2)	We tried
      b fl 0,1
      It gives the same error
3)	Boot from CD is OK
4)	The disk dka200: is mountable, we can access it (when we boot from the
 CD), we can make dir etc 
5)	Ana/disk/rep dka200:  (after boot from the CD) indicated some corrupted
 files on our own directory
6)	Ana/disk/rep dka200: 2nd time generated no error (just Quota.sys no
 such file)
what I can do to be able to boot from the disk ?

The Answer is :

  Please contact HP Services or your hardware support organization, as
  there appears to be a hardware malfunction; probably with the NVRAM,
  though that is not a certainty.   There could easily be additional
  damage to the hardware and/or corruptions to the target storage.
  You will want to verify all settings of the console, including
  the time, boot root, operating system setting, and other attributes.
  Additionally, you will want to verify the hardware is functional,
  including the system and the I/O storage subsystems.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is not in a position to provide hardware
  diagnostics or hardware troubleshooting; again, please contact HP
  Services or your hardware support organization.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume you are aware that OpeNVMS Alpha
  V7.1-1H2 was a limited hardware release, and has not been
  supported for some years; there are a number of subsequent OpenVMS
  releases, and an upgrade to a supported release -- whether to
  a release with Current Version Support or Prior Version Support
  (PVS) -- is strongly encouraged.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-MAR-2004 )

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