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TCP/IP Routing, Cluster Alias Reachability?

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The Question is:

Platform: Alpha1000 4/266+2 NICs+VMS6.2/cluster +UCX4.1
1. The IP cluster alias is sometimes unreachable.Then "arp -a " from client
 shows that no ARP info about the alias IP. The real IP address is always OK.
2. The alias IP will shift from one node to another and  then will shift back.
3. I applied the latest patch UCXECO_41_10. The alias IP address seems
 availabel from the client but still shifts.

The Answer is :

  There has been various work performed on the cluster alias support
  in more recent releases of TCP/IP Services.
  Your TCP/IP Services version is exceedingly old, and is no longer
  considered a supported release.  Please consider an upgrade to
  TCP/IP Services V4.2 with the current ECO kit.  Better still,
  please upgrade both OpenVMS Alpha and TCP/IP Services to more
  recent or to the respective current product releases.
  Alternatively, please contact the customer support center directly
  for assistance debugging this -- but please do expect to be asked
  to upgrade to a supported release configuration.  Also expect to
  be asked about the network configuration and routing, as this can
  also apply to the configuration.

answer written or last revised on ( 31-MAR-2004 )

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