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PATHWORKS (Server) Support, Versions?

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The Question is:

I have a licenced copy of Pathworks32 V7.0 for an NT 4 Workstation.
I have a Microvax running VMS V5.5.
I need the NT Workstation to access file shares on the VAXstation.
What is the minimum version of Pathworks server that I need to run on the
 VAXstation to allow fileshare access from the NT4 Workstation running
 Pathworks32 V7.0 ? and what server based (and/or Client based) Pathworks are
 required ?
I would really like to avoid client based licencing if at all possible but
 please note that this VAXstation will serve at most 2 NT4 Workstations.

The Answer is :

  Assuming the OpenVMS VAX system is running a TCP/IP stack, no PATHWORKS
  software is required on the Microsoft Windows NT 4 workstation; no
  licenses are required for this configuration beyond those for the
  OpenVMS software and for the Microsoft software; no PATHWORKS client
  software and no client licenses are required.
  If the OpenVMS VAX system is not running a TCP/IP stack, then you will
  need to acquire and load PATHWORKS 32 client software on the Windows NT
  4 system to provide access to the DECnet protocol, or you will have to
  install a TCP/IP stack on the OpenVMS VAX system; on the VAXstation.
  The OpenVMS VAX V5.5 system will require PATHWORKS V5.0F for OpenVMS
  (LanManager) to provide the file serving to the Windows NT 4 workstation.
  You can use the server-based licensing model to avoid running any
  licensing software on the Windows NT 4 system.  With the server-based
  model, purchase enough licenses for the maximum number of anticipated
  simultaneous Windows workstation connections.
  You will want to upgrade to a more recent (and supported) version of
  OpenVMS VAX as the V5.5 release is a very old and long-unsupported
  release.  As of this writing, V7.3 is the current OpenVMS VAX release.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAY-2004 )

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