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Advanced Server and TCP/IP Services Error?

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The Question is:

Transfered SMTP and POP from Alpha 1200 running TCP/IP ver 5.1 ECO 4 to Alpha
 GS160 TCP/IP ver 5.1 ECO 5.  After starting servers on the GS160 received the
 following messages:
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  30-MAR-2004 23:53:31.33  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user INTERnet on MEDUSA
INTERnet ACP SMTP Accept Request from Host: Port: 40629
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  30-MAR-2004 23:53:49.30  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user INTERnet on MEDUSA
INTERnet ACP AUXS error during process exit  Status = %SYSTEM-F-LINKDISCON
This, in turn, brings down Pathworks on the GS160.
Any ideas??

The Answer is :

  Please move to more current releases, and apply the ECOs?
  (There is insufficient information here to begin to resolve
  this particular failure, and the releases all appear to be
  somewhat out-dated.  There are certainly ECOs and new
  releases for OpenVMS, and details of the Advanced Server
  release and ECO involved are unfortunately omitted.)

answer written or last revised on ( 31-MAR-2004 )

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