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The Question is:

We need to download a file using SHTTP on OpenVMS in a batch environment
 (through a proxy server).  Can you recommend any methods of accomplishing this?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would tend to use scp, sftp or similar, and would
  not initially choose SHTTP.  (You will want to confirm SHTTP use and
  not some other protocol, of course.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard has no particular recommendations for a text-oriented
  SHTTP web browser -- you may be able to locate a Lynx web browser with
  SHTTP support, or similar.  SSL or stunnel-based tunneling may provide
  an option, as might an external firewall with VPN tunneling capabilities.
  TCP/IP Services V5.4 adds OpenSSL, SSH, SFTP, SCP, SRCP, SPOP and
  related.  Please see the release documentation for details on these
  and other features.
  Related topics include (9600), (9590), (8147) and (8178).
  Information on these topics is available via the Network Management
  and the Security links that are available at the HP OpenVMS Solutions
  webpage, itself with a link available at:

answer written or last revised on ( 1-APR-2004 )

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