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VAX BASIC command MAP, and definitions?

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The Question is:

Hi VMS Colleagues,
I am working with a customer who has a large number of applications written
in VAX Basic that he wishes to port to another language. The record
definitions for the RMS data files are defined in a series of  ".map" files.
I am familiar with COBOL programs that use copybooks and other programs that
use CDD record definitions, however I am not familiar with ".MAP" files in
VAX Basic. I am wondering if these files have a standard format (like
copybooks or CDD record definitions) or are they very application specific?
The objective is to write a parser to handle conversion of these files.
TIA for any advice/references!
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The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard is not familiar with a VAX BASIC data definition
  construct using files with the .MAP extension, though is familiar with
  a LINKER output file with a .MAP extension and with VAX BASIC commands
  including MAP and REMAP that loads data from a file into an
  application-specific RECORD structure.  The record structure involved
  is typically defined via Oracle CDD/Repository or within the source
  code of one or more of the application source files involved in the
  compilation unit.
  Without a sample or a DUMP of the file(s) involved and the VAX BASIC
  code involved, no more specific answer is reasonably feasible.
  For further assistance with this, please contact the support center
  or HP Services directly -- please expect to be asked for additional
  information on the .MAP file and the application source code.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-APR-2004 )

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