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The Question is:

I installed UCX 5.4 and ECO1 on my VMS 7.3-1 system and got it to work.  Then,
 having nothing better to do, decided to upgrade VMS to 7.3-2.  Upgrade seems
 to go smoothly to completion but, when booting generates errors in accessing
 page, swap, errorlog a
nd sysdump files as well as mounting system disk by getting error code
 00000144.  The only thing different was that I had converted the system disk
 to ods-5 during the 7.3-1 install, which worked fine under 7.3-1.    What
 would be the ebst remedy for this

The Answer is :

  Please contact the support center directly, as additional context
  around the bootstrap error messages will be of interest.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume the documented upgrade procedure
  was used, and the system was bootstrapped from the distribution
  medium and the system disk was upgraded from the menu system.
  The upgrade particularly assumes there are page and swapfiles
  on the system disk during the upgrade, though these can be
  moved off the system disk -- the upgrade documentation has
  some details on the upgrade requirements.
  As for the specific error:
$ exit %x144
%SYSTEM-F-IVDEVNAM, invalid device name
  The upgrade is expected to perform an AUTOGEN as part of the
  processing, and this is generally where such files are
  created or sized.
  If you wish to manually attempt to create these files, please
  see the SYS$UPDATE:SWAPFILES.COM command procedure, or other
  similar approach.  Alternatively, check for PAGEFILE,
  SWAPFILE, and DUMPFILE settings in MODPARAMS.DAT (settings
  of which can force a particular file size or no file changes
  at all) and (re)run AUTOGEN.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-APR-2004 )

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