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Configuring TCP/IP Services, NICs?

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The Question is:

My Alpha system has two eithernet interfaces.  How do I display them, so I can
 find out what their names are?  I have one currently running using a live IP
 address, but I need to configure the other to use an inside IP address.  How
 do I configure the oth
er eithernet interface to us the 10 dot address?

The Answer is :

  A review of the available TCP/IP Services documentation would be
  in order, of course.  This and other documentation is available
  at the OpenVMS documentation website, referenced in the FAQ.
  Core URLs for these materials include:
  Assuming TCP/IP Services V5 release and preferably V5.3 or
  V5.4 with current ECO, the command procedure used to configure
  the product and the network interfaces is TCPIP$CONFIG.COM.
  TCPIP$CONFIG provides a menu-based configuration of the hardware,
  and of all client and server components supported by TCP/IP
  Services.  (Within the TCP/IP Services documentation, the
  management and configuration manual will be of central
  interest here, and covers details of the configuration, as
  well as steps specific to the various clients and servers.)
  On TCP/IP Services releases prior to V5.0, the command
  procedure used to configure the product is UCX$CONFIG.
  Mapping of the device names generated by the SRM console and by
  OpenVMS, and the names involved in translating from OpenVMS
  device names to network device names can involve more effort
  (and certainly more explanation) than simply using fault reports
  from the IP or DECnet transport caused by disconnecting the network
  from the controller.  Disconnect one of the two cables, and see
  which of the two devices reports errors.
  If using a third-party IP stack, please contact the vendor for
  assistance and configuration details.
  Other topics of potential interest here -- previous similar
  discussions -- can include (1248), (2073), (2961), (3010),
  (4085), (6225), (6604), (7371), (7410), (7411), etc.
  For the steps involved in changing the node name (hostname),
  please see the OpenVMS FAQ.  Changing the name of the host
  node is more involved than changing the IP or DECnet host
  The keystone topic for IP printing configuration is topic (1020),
  and the other topics referenced there.
  For DE500 series configuration discussions, please see existing
  topics including (3252) and (2961) -- the console environment
  variables used are the same across the DE500-xx series -- and
  please see the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section
  on the DE500 NIC.  (The OpenVMS Wizard does not know the
  identity of the particular NIC in use here, though the DE500
  seriees is a common choice.)
  Discussions of configuring the default gateway are included
  in the OpenVMS FAQ, and referenced in (6796).
  Again, the best resource for the immediate question -- as
  well as the resource for other questions that will quite
  commonly arise -- is the TCP/IP Services documentation.
  (There is rather more documentation available than can be
  reasonably duplicated here.)

answer written or last revised on ( 30-SEP-2004 )

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