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TCP/IP use_maccaddr_as_id incompatibility?

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The Question is:

DHCP server Option use_macaddr_as_id fails.
I use the TCPIP DHCP server (UXC V5.3 - ECO 1) in a VMS cluster environment to
 configure static IP-Adresses for about 600 DHCP clients. My Problem is, that
 PCs use different DHCP-IDs when they boot with DOS, Windows and Linux. I want
 to ignore the format
therefore and assign the IP address only according to the mac adress. To do
 this, I have to use the server.pcy option "use_macaddr_as_id". But with this
 setting the DHCP service fails to start writing following log entry:
"The policy file 'server.pcy' is (potentially) incompatible with the existing
 database. ..."
- Even after I deleted all database files and there is no incompatible
 information in it (because there is no information at all). This failure does
 not depend on a special configuration and can be reproduced easily.
I studied all available documentation and am shure that all was configured
 correctly. Is it a known bug and eventually fixed in a later release, or is it
 my mistake ?
This problem is very urgent because I fear it would be impossible to find
 another solution that allows to manage this amount of addresses with
 comparable efficiency - I wrote some DCL scripts that generate all data files
 for DNS and DHCP and  update these
 services automatically.

The Answer is :

  Please first look at TCP/IP Services V5.4 and ECO, or (at least)
  the application of the current ECO for V5.3.  (As of this
  writing, ECO 4 is current, and ECO 4 does include updates
  for various problems found within DHCP.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard is aware of one previous report that may be
  related to this, though additional details would be required to
  establish that similarity with any certainty.
  As this is an urgent request, please contact the support center
  directly as details of the configuration files and the settings
  will be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-APR-2004 )

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