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Configuration, Commands for SCSI I/O Performance?

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The Question is:

We recently upgraded from OVMS V7.1-1H1 to V7.2-2 and also replaced our TZ89
 tape drives and SCSI controller w/ SDLT 110/220 tape drives and LVD SCSI
 controller.  We used to init the DLTIV tape w/ "/media=compact" qualifier and
 then backup w/ just the "bl
ock_size = 65xxx" qualifier.  We now init the SDLT tapes w/ the "media=compact"
 qualifier and then backup w/ the "media=compact" qualifier and the backups are
 now taking a lot longer to finish rather than being faster.  We have faster
 drives and a faster
SCSI controller but slower backup speeds.  What is the recommended
 command/qualifiers to backup to SDLT 110/220 tapes?
Rich Sutton

The Answer is :

  Please contact the customer support center, as details of the system
  configuration including process quota settings (recommendations for
  operator account quotas are in the system management documentation,
  and the proportions should be maintained if/when increasing the quota
  values), the exact BACKUP command used, details of the SCSI bus, the
  SCSI controller hardware, and the SCSI storage hardware configuration
  will likely all be of some use in determining the cause and resolving
  this matter.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-APR-2004 )

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