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Remote DECwindows Session Manager?

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The Question is:

I can remotely access my Alphas via X-Windows, using the following command,
 once I've added the Alpha's IP address to my x-host list.
@sys$system:pcx$server 4,0,0,tcpip, decw$session
Is there a way that I can access Motif (i.e. the CDE) via a remote X-Session,
 instead of the older DEC-Windows manager? If so, what would that command be?

The Answer is :

  Use of PCX$SERVER implies use of a PATHWORKS 32 client package known
  as eXcursion.   eXcursion provides an X Windows server for Microsoft
  Windows platforms.
  DECwindows is built on and is compatible with X Windows, and provides
  the older XUI, Motif and CDE interfaces depending on the version and
  the configuration.  If you see DECwindows displayed, then you have an
  operational X Windows connection.
  Accordingly, please determine how the system is configured as it would
  appear that the DECwindows software is very old, or (probably somewhat
  more likely) that the CDE interface has been disabled in favour of the
  Motif interface.
  For configuration information and for the steps involved in selecting
  Motif as the default interface (since you might possibly need to reverse
  this configuration), please see the OpenVMS FAQ.
  Topics within the OpenVMS FAQ of interest will include:
    Why is DECwindows Motif not starting?
    How do I customize DECwindows, including the login screen?
  You will also want to familiarize yourself with DCL commands such as
  SET DISPLAY, and with examples of DCL programming such as that shown
  over in topic (5409) here in Ask The Wizard.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-APR-2004 )

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