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Seeking SRM Firmware Information, Replication?

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The Question is:

Is it possible to copy the entire alpha systems firmware update cd to a
 san-disk ?

The Answer is :

  One- or two-line questions are exceedingly difficult to answer.
  Logically, yes, what you seek is possible.  You can most certainly copy
  the contents of most any non-copy-protected medium over to another
  storage device and other storage medium, within the restrictions of
  any applicable agreements and/or licenses and/or legislation.
  Whether or not the results of such a replication will be useful for
  your (unstated) goal(s) -- the OpenVMS Wizard would assume you seek
  to upgrade using this copy as a resource for subsequent upgrades of
  SRM firmware among various systems -- is another matter entirely.
  The mechanisms for performing SRM upgrades are discussed in web sites
  referenced by the OpenVMS FAQ, and you will want to start there if
  this is a case of seeking to perform a number of SRM upgrades.
  Most commonly, distributed upgrades involve configuring a bootp or
  MOP server to serve the firmware, as discussed in the SRM firmware
  upgrade documentation.  (OpenVMS can be configured to offer both
  bootp and MOP downloads.)   This does not particularly require the
  contents of the SRM medium to be moved to other storage, but that
  is certainly feasible, again assuming such data replication is
  legally and contractually permitted.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-APR-2004 )

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