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AlphaServer SRM Console Bootstrap Commands?

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The Question is:

what are the commands to boot into the Factory installed software first time
 log on, it is a DS25 need to load software liences

The Answer is :

  Please read the provided documentation, as the OpenVMS Wizard would
  expect that the particular console SHOW and BOOT commands needed
  would be documented.  Failing that, please see the owner's guide for
  the AlphaServer DS25 and the OpenVMS installation and upgrade manual.
  Most commonly, the SRM console commands involved are SHOW DEVICE and
  then BOOT ddcu, where ddcu is the name of the target system disk.
  The specific device name can and does vary.
  For example:
show device
dkc0. DKC0 RZ1DB-BA LYG0
dkc100. DKC100 RZ1CB-CA LYJ0
dkc200. DKC200 RZ1CB-CA LYJ0
dkc300. DKC300 RZ1CB-CA LYJ0
dkc500. DKC500 RRD47 1337
dva0. DVA0
ewa0. EWA0 00-00-F8-00-0E-3B
pkc0. PKC0 SCSI Bus ID 7 5.54
boot dkc100
  The above example shows five SCSI (DK) disks, a floppy (DV) disk, a
  network (EW), and a SCSI controller (PK), and shows a bootstrap from
  the second of the five SCSI disks present.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-APR-2004 )

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