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DECnet Routing, MOP and LANCP?

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The Question is:

Does the non-routing plain-jane DECnet IV (Alpha, VMS V7.1) provide the MOP
 download for DECservers?
bkg: this functionality was provided by a VAX which is being decommissioned, it
 was a Routing node.
appropriate DECserver kits are installed on the Alpha, servers are defined with
 DsvConfig, and its circuit service enabled - and NOW i'm concerned about the
 routing vs non-routing!

The Answer is :

  Maintenance and Operations Protocol (MOP) services are not particularly
  associated with DECnet routing, though you undoubtedly already know that
  by now, having undoubtedly tried a test or two of the configuration.
  OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha support MOP downloads via DECnet Phase IV,
  via DECnet-Plus, and via the LANCP utility that is found on OpenVMS V6.2
  and later.  OpenVMS I64 also provides MOP download support.
  The DECserver software installation kits will not provide LANCP support
  quite obviously, but LANCP can be manually configured with the download
  files provided in the kit and can thus download DECserver terminal servers
  and other network server devices using MOP.  Sites that are required to
  have only IP network protocols active can use this approach, of course.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAY-2004 )

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